Major Themes of the Course

Great behavior is developed early so this course provides all of the information you need to help prepare your puppy to be the behavioral superstar of your dreams!

  • Socialization

    More than just exposure, your puppy needs positive experiences interacting with the world around them during a critical window in their development. We break down the 3 major areas of socialization your puppy needs.

  • Potty Training

    Easily this can become one of the major challenges for a new puppy to successfully integrate into their new home, and also can be one of the easiest to correct. Follow these basic tips to quickly housebreak your new family member.

  • Impulse Control

    We love for our puppies to be happy and excited, but we want them to remain in control. Developing impulse control in our puppies is like a muscle that strengthens over time. Have them be totally 'zen' with temptations through these exercises.

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